Tuesday, 2 September 2008

7th International Congress for ELT Managers and Directors of Studies

We would like to thank you all for sharing rewarding moments with us at the ABS' 7th International Congress for ELT Managers and Directors of Studies.

It is always a pleasure to meet Movie Guide users ready to give their enthusiastic feedback, and also make new friends.


Challenge Education said...

I feel I have to thank you also, The people at your booth in the congress were extra nice to me and being someone from a small town in the interior of the country I felt relieved to find such friendly faces and nice people there. There is a girl (I cannot remember her name) that has the friendliest smile: I´d like to highlight her inviting personality, she smiles with both her mouth and her eyes and makes you want to sit and stay. SHe was "Challenge Ed" for me at the congress. She made me think about smiling more often. I´d like her to know that.
I will try downloading the movie Guides for Madagascar any of these days and let you know if I was successful.
Thanks again. and keep up the good work.
Wam regards,

Challenge Education said...

Alicia, Thank you for you feedback! We really enjoyed the Congress very much. Let us know how the Movie Guide of Madacascar works with your students.
Keep in touch,