Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Movie Guide 07 based on the film "The Terminal"

We want to share with you a lesson plan based on the first scene of the movie "The Terminal".

Movie Trailer

Taking into account the importance of the protection of intellectual property rights, original films must be used at all times to exploit Challenge Education™ Movie Guides

The Lesson Plan we are presenting today, deals with airports and immigration forms. It is designed for students of English at Pre Intermediate/A2 Level.

If you arrive at the Airport you must pass through Passport Control, Baggage Reclaim Area and Customs immediately after leaving your plane. In each area you will be asked different questions.
What questions are heard in the scene?
What happens if something irregular is detected with your passport?

The complete Movie Guide has 18 Lesson Plans with more than 40 photocopiable activities for students (107pages). You can access the index here.

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