Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What’s Your Missing Movie Guide?

We may be working with the movie of your dreams.

A new month calls for a new Movie Guide, thus here are our next releases:

Challenge Education Movie Guide 33 based on the film: Ratatouille
Challenge Education Movie Guide 34 based on the film: The Producers
Challenge Education Movie Guide 35 based on the film: The Godfather
Challenge Education Movie Guide 36 based on the film: Scent of a Woman

As we have always listened to MG users’ suggestions, some of our titles were chosen by them. Consequently, we would really like you to go on participating in the selection by suggesting movies you may be interested in working with.
There are already 36 guides based on different films, but what is your missing Movie Guide?
Send us your ideas! You may get to see your title in our “Coming Soon” list.


Challenge Education said...

My fav movie.....The you accept my suggestion?



Challenge Education said...

Elisa, thank you for your suggestion! Great Movie to work on!